Upcycling Your Glossybox

by christinamdick

I got the idea to “upcycle” my Glossy Boxes into something I could reuse by adding label holders.

I found the label holders on eBay (the 5/8×2 1/2 size), and they came with tiny screws. Even though the screws were super tiny, they were still to long for the thickness of the box. I knew that glue would secure the labels holders to the box just fine, so I headed to Michael’s to find something that looked like a screw to give the finish I wanted.  I settled on tome tiny brads.

I bent the ends of the brads sideways so that they would be flush with the label holder when I glued it to the box. 

The person helping me at Michael’s suggested Gorilla Glue for securing the label holders to the box. He explained that super glue would not adhere to the box because it was paper and therefore porous.  I tried the Gorilla Glue first box, and it didn’t turn out. I switched over to super glue, and it worked perfectly. 

I put the super glue on the ends of the brads and in two small dots at the bottom of the label holders and pressed it in to the box. I held for a few seconds, and the label holders were secure. 

I’m really happy with the way these turned out. Now all I have to do is decide what to keep in them!

Thanks for reading!

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