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Month: February, 2014

Photo Shoot

by christinamdick

Thanks so much to my friend Lauren from Brave Young Thing for taking fun shots of me and my place this past weekend. Check out a little sneak preview and keep a lookout for some of her shots in future posts!


Tiramisu-0827 Tiramisu-0833 Tiramisu-0913 (1) Tiramisu-0825 Tiramisu-0784 Tiramisu-0684

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What’s In My Makeup Bag

by christinamdick

Here’s the makeup I carry with me.


1. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone: Such a beautiful shimmer. I apply the liquid version in the morning but use this to touch up on-the-go.

2. Bobbi Brown Tri-Pan Palette with Pale Pink blush, and eyeshadows in Grey (lid) and Slate (crease): vrevre

3. bareMinerals Soft Focus Shadow Brush: Perfect for the lid and the crease so I don’t need to carry separate brushes.

4. Smashbox Brow Tech in Dark Brown: There’s a trick to using this product that I didn’t learn until a few months into using it. You have to dip your brush into the wax, then into the power and back and forth before applying. This creates a mixture that lasts on your brows.

5. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in jet black: I recently switched to this from Fabuliner. I find that the staying power is slightly better.

6. Angled brow brush – this is from bareMinerals but I couldn’t find it online so I think it’s discontinued.

7. bareMinerals Heavenly Liner Blending Brush: I’ve never seen another brush like this one. The first one I had fell apart and I repurchased. After I apply the Stila liner, I like to run over it with the darkest shade in the Smashbox Brow Tech palette.

8. Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer in Vanilla 5: I would prefer not to ever leave the house without this.

9. & 10. bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara: I’ve been using this for years. I’ve tried a lot of mascaras and can’t find one I like better. This looks even layered over Dior Lash Plumping Serum (It’s like a primer for your lashes.)

11.Buxom Full-On Lip Polish: My favorite lip gloss of all time. My favorite shades are Katie, Kystal, Dolly, Samantha, White Russian and Pink Lady

12. E.L.F. Complexion Brush: I love E.L.F. brushes. This one is super soft and perfect for touching up bronzer and blush. It’s available at Target.

13. NARS bronzing Powder in Laguna: obviously.

14.Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Purse Spray: This is my go-to scent.

15. Carmex Lip Balm in Strawberry: my tried and true.

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Spot By Spot: DIY Dalmatian Walls

by christinamdick

My bathroom just underwent a dalmatian transformation!

I talked about wanting a dalmatian rug for my living room in a previous post  after being inspired by this office. Well, I switched gears and decided my bathroom walls would be the perfect place for the print. The next step was  the hunt for the tutorial.  It turns out this is wallpaper, but two bloggers had  a DIYed version.

First, I came across this tutorial from Lauren at Make it a Double blog. I love it so much!

dalmatian wall

Lauren’s post led me to Chrisann at Ducklings in a Row blog, who talks through how she stenciled her way through the project for less than $30 here. Check out how gorgeous it turned out!


I decided to go with Lauren’s strategy. I was eager to jump right into it AND I don’t have an exacto knife/Martha Stewart stencil paper.  I already had black paint that I purchased when I originally wanted to paint vertical stripes like this. (I didn’t end up going through with it because I was too nervous about the precision it required.) I also had some brushes so I didn’t even need to go out and buy anything for this project.

I practiced the dots first on a sheet of paper. I was looking at a bunch of dalmatian prints in Google  images and trying to mimic my favorites.


Then, I started out with the safest wall. This little section of wall is behind the door and hardly visible so there was less a stake if I messed up.


Once I got the hang of it and liked how the spots were turning out, I went for it.  I used a small-ish brush and made straight on strokes and also pressed the brush against the wall on it’s side so I could get uneven looking spots. Here’s a quick video so you can see. Look at these spots!  I’m so happy with how they turned out.



Here’s a progress pic from when I was just about done. This has been a night time project  so the photo is a little dark.


And I finished all the spots! I’d say the whole thing took about 6 hours.  This project has been so spontaneous and fun. It’s still in progress – I’m going to add shelves and possibly change out the light fixtures/mirror but I’m excited about it so far! Stay tuned for the “after” shots!


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Have You Heard? Leopard Print Is The New Black.

by christinamdick

According to this article, leopard print is the new black, and I’m OK with it.  As you can see, I’ve had an appreciation for leopard print from a young age.


Thankfully I’ve learned to tone it down a bit. I now incorporate leopard into my style with a little more subtlety. I choose these leopard flats (from Banana Republic outlet) or this J. Crew phone case, so I look a little less like Fran Drescher in The Nanny.


I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but the phone case actually has a faux fur texture!


I love this look from Pinterest. I’ve wanted one of these calf hair clutches ever since I saw this one on cupcakes and cashmere.  I found this one from etsy and this one from J. Crew. Do any of you have a recommendation either way?


I love how this trench coat just has the tiniest leopard detail.


For a bolder look, how fun are these leopard pants? I actually picked up a pair of leopard leggings at Marshall’s but I haven’t had the courage to wear them out yet.


I think this leopard scarf (Thanks for teaching me the difference between a snood, stole and scarf, Sydney!) with all black looks super chic.


Finally, I love the plaid paired with leopard here, but I’ve never tried to wear these patterns together. Plaid seems to also be super in right now, but the only plaid I have is this, which I don’t think would go with leopard very well.   Also, I once ordered leopard booties because they looked adorable online but they were terrible in person. Some things are fun to look at but not for me, I guess. What are your favorite ways to wear leopard?

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A Lesson in Perfume Economics

by christinamdick

I thought I’d share a little tip with you all. I couldn’t decide for a long time if I wanted to buy Coco Mademoiselle. I always noticed it on other people and loved it and tried it on in the store, but I have Miss Dior Cherie and I think they smell really similar. (Does anyone else think so?)

Then, my friend Dana turned me onto the purse spray. It’s perfect! I didn’t want to get a giant bottle, so this would be the perfect thing. Then, I looked into the price. It’s actually a better deal and more product than the traditional bottles. When buy the Twist and Spray ($95 at Nordstrom) you get two 0.7 oz. refill bottles in addition to the one already in the case. That’s $45.24 an oz., compared to the regular bottle which is $90 for 1.7 oz. ($52.94 an oz.) AND it’s less convenient. Now, I haven’t had to refill mine yet, so I don’t know how much of a pain that’s going to be; I’ll keep you updated.



Note: If you already know you love the perfume and you’re going to wear it for a long time, the 6.8 oz. bottle is still your best bet at $200 or $29.41 an ounce.

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How I Made My Gallery Wall

by christinamdick

I love the idea of having a frame wall. It was so fun to create and it’s been even more fun building onto it over time. While I’m by no means a minimalist, I like to keep things pretty simple without a lot of decorations scattered around. This frame wall lets me add a ton of personality condensed in one spot so my small place doesn’t look cluttered.

photo wall

I  was originally inspired by Young House Love,


…and then explored even more ideas on Pinterest.



A lot of the frames I already owned were black, so even though I loved the all white frame collages I saw on Pinterest,  I had to work them in. I didn’t want my wall to look too busy (my biggest fear with this project was having it turn out like the inside of an Applebee’s), I stuck to only black and white frames. I started out with only a few frame and laid them into the design I wanted on the floor. Then, I measured and put up the end frames first, filling in after with the frames in the middle.

After it was up, I thought it looked a little sparse, so I stocked up on cheap frames at thrift and dollar stores. I was always on the lookout for a good frame. The best thing about this project is that whenever I find something cool, I can add it right on. I’ve added a few silver and gold frames into the mix, and some sweet trinkets like this little elephant hook and antique key.


Here’s what the wall looked like when I first started:

298786_10100180609898366_3663859_n 313129_10100180794488446_7736909_n

I want to continue switching out what’s in the frames and I’m thinking about incorporating even more of a Richmond/Virginia theme. What do you think about this “Carry Mr Back to Old Virginia” print from Etsy?

il_570xN.424868341_kuei (1)

Update 9/11/16: Here’s what my wall looks like these days:


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So, I went a little crazy at Kohl’s

by christinamdick

I always tease my dad about how much he loves Kohl’s. (He thinks it’s great because everything is ALWAYS on sale.) But, I think he’s onto something! After this coat from Zara didn’t work out, I was searching collarless coats online and came across this one.  It looks so much better in person, but for some reason the arms are so tight! I had to take it back and order a size up. when I ordered this coat the first time it was $72, then I went to reorder and it was up to $120 (not happening.) Then, I checked again and it was down to $48?! The free shipping minimum is $50. One thing led to another, and this dress ended up in my basket. Make sure you keep checking back on prices when you’re shopping at Kohl’s and look for discount codes. I always check retailmenot.com before I buy anything online. When I went to the store to exchange the jacket, I saw this bow pillow and basically died. Then, Kohl’s posted these pink sneakers to instagram. Why are they doing this to me?! It’s actually funny because I never would’ve thought twice about these from the photo of them on the site, but those instagram filters are magical and make them look so bright and fun.

All of this stuff is in the mail and I’m excited for when it gets here. Hopefully it’s as great in person as it looks online.

Black CoatStriped DressBow PillowPink Sneakers 


Update: The things came in. Yay! Everything is great except the pillow. When I ordered it online, I though it was all white but it turned out to be grey and cream, which won’t work out. I’m taking it back to my local Kohl’s and I’m thinking about getting this one from etsy. 

Here’s how everything turned out! 

1610047_10101602168997536_1973456198_n 1604791_10101606153821916_76347152_n 1891068_10101606158836866_1215894086_n

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To Dior, or not to Dior

by christinamdick

Most of the beauty products I have are just for fun or just for looks. Lip balm, however, has a job to do. There was a certain point this winter, probably around the time the Polar Vortex hit, that my lips got super chapped. Up until then, I’d been using Dior’s Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm. I kept hearing about it on YouTube and reading about it on blogs. Both MakeUpByTiffanyD and AllthatGlitters21 had raving reviews.  I LOVE rose scented things so I picked it up (from Sephora – gotta earn that VIB status, y’all). It smells phenomenal and looks pretty, AND my initials are on the packaging. It’s perfect for everyday, but it wasn’t moisturizing enough.

So, I had to go back to my old favorite, Strawberry Carmex. It smells SO much better than cherry, and it gets the job done. I don’t think they carry this flavor at Target and I haven’t seen it at CVS. The only place I’ve seen it is at Walmart. Here’s my confession: I paid $2 in shipping on Amazon for something that costs $1, just so I didn’t have to go to Walmart. It’s not nearly as chic as the Crème de Rose , but it’s cheap and I love it. Bottom line, I’ll probably repurchase the Dior balm and use it when I’m feeling fancy, but always keep my Strawberry Carmex around.


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What’s in My Makeup Bag

by christinamdick

Should I do a “What’s in my makeup bag” post?


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Virginia Bloggers Guest Blog is Up!

by christinamdick

Check out my recap of the Virginia Bloggers Richmond Barre event here.

1010395_10101588162481706_2052688773_n (1)

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