So, I went a little crazy at Kohl’s

by christinamdick

I always tease my dad about how much he loves Kohl’s. (He thinks it’s great because everything is ALWAYS on sale.) But, I think he’s onto something! After this coat from Zara didn’t work out, I was searching collarless coats online and came across this one.  It looks so much better in person, but for some reason the arms are so tight! I had to take it back and order a size up. when I ordered this coat the first time it was $72, then I went to reorder and it was up to $120 (not happening.) Then, I checked again and it was down to $48?! The free shipping minimum is $50. One thing led to another, and this dress ended up in my basket. Make sure you keep checking back on prices when you’re shopping at Kohl’s and look for discount codes. I always check before I buy anything online. When I went to the store to exchange the jacket, I saw this bow pillow and basically died. Then, Kohl’s posted these pink sneakers to instagram. Why are they doing this to me?! It’s actually funny because I never would’ve thought twice about these from the photo of them on the site, but those instagram filters are magical and make them look so bright and fun.

All of this stuff is in the mail and I’m excited for when it gets here. Hopefully it’s as great in person as it looks online.

Black CoatStriped DressBow PillowPink Sneakers 


Update: The things came in. Yay! Everything is great except the pillow. When I ordered it online, I though it was all white but it turned out to be grey and cream, which won’t work out. I’m taking it back to my local Kohl’s and I’m thinking about getting this one from etsy. 

Here’s how everything turned out! 

1610047_10101602168997536_1973456198_n 1604791_10101606153821916_76347152_n 1891068_10101606158836866_1215894086_n

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