My All-Time Favorites From Elements

by christinamdick

I’ve been working with Elements for six months now, and I’ve tried a LOT of products. Here are my all-time, gotta-have-it, can’t-live-without-them favorites.

Elements Favorites.001

Erno Laszlo: My favorite skincare line.

Sea Mud Treatment Bar and Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil: Everything about them feels luxurious, from the smell to knowing that Old Hollywood used them too. I talk about starting my Erno routine here. The oil and soap bar are the perfect combination of super throrough cleanser.

Hydra Therapy Mask: This mask is so fantastic. Prickly pear and hyaluronic acid plump up and mostirize overnight.

Hydra Therapy Serum: Simply awesome. I talked about this a lot here. Its part of the same line as the mask, so it’s super light and perfect for my skin type (combination). I’ve been using it lone, but plan to layer a moisturizer over it for winter.

CV Skinlabs Restorative Balm: This is amazing for dry skin. Sometimes if I’ve used an acne product or had a peel, my skin will be flaky, and this fixes it right up.

REN: Love this line. See my post about it here.

Flash Rinse One Minute Facial: I used this just before writing this post. I like that it only takes a minute, so you can use it as you’re getting ready for the day

Glycolactic Renewal Mask: I leave this one on for thirty minutes, so it’s reserved for evenings or weekend afternoons. I like to use it after a day in the sun. Smells citrusy.

Instant Firming Beauty Shot: Just a fun product. It smells like roses and you can pat it on even after you’ve applied your makeup.

Beauty Blender sponge: Fabulous. It makes your makeup look so much more natural. Make sure you wet it, ring it out, and bounce it on your skin (rather than smearing); that’ll get you the best results. I just got it in white to use with one of  my facial oils.

80 Acres Olive Oil Salt Scrub in Lavender: I’ve used at least three jars of this and don’t see any end in sight. It smells wonderful and it’s that great kind of scrub that feels super gritty so you know it’s sloughing off all the dead skin. Tip: When you use this, turn your shower off. That way, you’ll be able to get the scrub all over without it washing off before you’ve scrubbed it all you want. Also, it prevents water from getting in the product since it comes in a jar.

NKD Skin Tinted Tan: Yaaassss. This is so wonderful. I discovered the fabulousness that  is self-tanner last year. I love going to get a spray tan for special occasions, but this stuff is perfect for everyday. I’ll apply it one or two nights in a row and it lasts for several days. I love the way this looks when I’m wearing something sleeveless or a skirt/dress to work. This brand is much cheaper than the other self-tanners I’ve tried AND I like it better. It doesn’t smell weird at all but it does get on your sheets.

Gloss Moderne Shampoo and Conditioner: I can’t even explain how great this is. It smells like cake, and it makes your hair SO soft and shiny. Even the bottles are chic. You only need two pumps per product, so it’s lasted me a long time. I bought my first set in March and replaced the shampoo in June and the conditioner yesterday.

Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask: Volcanic ash gives this mask a slightly gritty texture, prefect for scrubbing away dead skin. After you scrub, the mask stays on for 10 minutes and , glycolic and lactic acid work together to make the skin super soft. This mask’s texture is really unique. It’s liquid-y and looks almost shimmery. You apply it to your skin when it’s damp and scrub. Then, you leave it on for 10 minutes; that’s when the chemical exfoliants sink in, I imagine.

Peter Thomas Roth: An awesome range of products.

Rose Stem Cell Mask: Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I love anything that smells like roses. It’s hard to explain what this mask does. When I was up after having slept in it, my face feels soft and plump, if that makes sense. I like to use this the night after I’ve used an exfoliating mask and/or before a big event.

Sulfur Cooling Mask: This is one of my favorite acne products. I actually like to use this in combination with the rose stem cell mask. The sulfur can be drying (which is good because it helps get rid of acne), so I make sure to only put it in areas that are congested/oily, like my chin and nose. Then, I Apply the rose mask overtop.

COOLA: Natural, organic suncare.

Classic Face in Cucumber: This feels so different from regular sunscreen. It’s almost like a gel.

Classic Body in Plumeria: Amazing. It doesn’t smell like sunscreen at all. I love having something like this at the pool. It smells a little bit like Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works. Remember that?

Make Up Setting Spray w/ SPF 30: The perfect solution for reapplying sun protection throughout the day.

If you’re interested in these products or any others at, use the code TIRAMISU online to save 10% off your first purchase.  If you’re local, stop in their Carytown store and mention my blog for the same deal!

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