Get to Know Caswell-Massey

by christinamdick

One of the brands I discovered working with Elements Beauty Shop is Caswell-Massey. I smelled their Elixr of Love fragrance every time I came in the store, and eventually bought it. I’m now on my third bottle. I also picked up one of the travel-sized rose hand creams they had near the register (I love anything that smells like roses), and it became a fast favorite too.


I love a good hand cream. Rosewater and Glycerin are the classic combination used in hand creams for years, to condition and soften skin. Glycerin: a superior humectant that binds moisture to skin. Rosewater conditions skin and diminishes the appearance of sun damage. The Elixr of Love Cologne Spray smells so amazing. It’s described as: “A fragrance with Jasmine, Lavender, Egyptian Musk, and Passionflower notes.” I also mentioned it in my favorite fragrances post.

Caswell-Massey was kind enough to send me and the other Elements Beauty Bloggers  (learn more about that program herethese gift sets as well as catalogs and information about the history of the brandso I got to try  lotion and soap from their floral collection in Lilac, 


Here’s what I learned:

“Started in 1752 by Doctor William Hunter in Newport Rhode Island, Caswell-Massey was originally an apothecary, where Dr. Hunter mixed his prescriptions and administered them to his patients who drank them then and there. To make the medications more palatable, he mixed them into a blend of orange juice and carbonated water, creating the first orange soda, and probably the first instance of guaranteed patient compliance in the colonies. The soda fountain, an American invention & tradition was invented by Caswell-Massey at the Newport- Rhode Island apothecary store. Like pharmacies today, Dr. Hunter sold related items-ointments, soap, toiletries at the store and also created his own fragrances. Over the years the company changed ownership and finally in 1876 became Caswell-Massey, with two stores, one in Newport, RI and the other in New York City.”

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Out of all their products, though, the pug soap has to be all-time favorite. How cute is this?! “Triple-milled, vegetable based and scented with a clean woodsy-floral fragrance, Le Pug charms from its accurate facial expression to its curl-a-que tail. The soap makes a special addition to any bath decor and an appreciated gift for any dog lover. The colorful polka-dot and striped presentation box, tied with a grosgrain ribbon, and is as playful & jaunty as the Pug’s personality.”


“Newport in colonial times was a thriving city, a port of entry for tall ships carrying exotic cargo from all over the world. It was there, that Dr. Hunter found the precious oils and extracts he used in his apothecary. Sandalwood Oil brought from India was one of the more exotic ingredients available. Caswell-Massey created a Sandalwood line with this heritage in mind. Lotion, Gel Talc and soap are richly scented with the warmth of Sandalwood.”

Sandalwood Soap On A Rope: “Both men and women enjoy the intoxicating fragrance of Sandalwood and this generous bar of soap with its rich, creamy lather will fill the shower or bath with the exotic, soft scent of precious wood. The luxurious lather moisturizes and nourishes the skin as it cleanses, leaving the skin refreshed and fragrant. The soap has a polished wood-grain look and is triple-milled for long-lasting service. The soft, white nylon rope allows the soap to be hung from the wrist or a bath fixture to keep it conveniently at hand.”



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