The Organic Pharmacy

by christinamdick

The Organic Pharmacy is the latest addition to the luxury organic brands at This line is pricey, so I was excited when this travel/trial kit with their best selling products came in so I could try a bunch of it at once. This kit is $80 and comes with a mini, step-by-step skincare routine.
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When Elements started carrying the line, I’d only ever heard of the Carrot Butter Cleanser (talked about in my Beauty In Bloom post). One of my favorite things about our partnership is getting to chat on the phone and Skype with representatives from the brands they carry to learn every little detail about their products and lots of great info about skincare in general. Kerry, a brand representative from The Organic Pharmacy talked with us a few weeks ago and shared some stuff I want to pass along to you!


The Carrot Butter Cleanser is made up of Sunflower, Jojoba, Coconut and Virgin Olive and Seasame Seed oils plus Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Marigold Extract, Carrot (duh), St Johns Wort, Vitamin E,  Rosemary, Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis), Lavender (it smells like lavender!), Essential Oils, Linalool and Limonene. You apply it to dry skin, and only use a tiny amount. I like cleansing balms because I feel like they force you to take your time washing your face and really massage it in. I hop in the shower and remove it with the muslin cloth from the kit. This was my favorite thing in the kit. 

Kerry says this balm is a decongestant, removing damaged skin cells and cutting oil without drying out skin. She also said this is one of the line’s best-selling products and that if there was one product she recommend everyone try, it’s this one.


After the herbal toner, these two serums are supposed to be used back-to-back. I’d been having a breakout and my skin had that raw feeling when you know the products you’re using aren’t right for it. These were extremely moisturizing and felt awesome.  Kerry told me that the Antioxidant Face Serum and Antioxidant Face Gel are The Organic Pharmacy’s two best-sellers.  The last step is the Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream.

Overall, the kit is for all skin types.My skin-type is “normal/combination,” but a little bit sensitive and acne-prone. Because I’d been having a breakout, I also picked up the Blemish Gel and the Rose Hip Oil. The Blemish Gel is a spot treatment, but instead of Salycicili acid, sulfur or Benzoil Peroxide, it has Tea Tree, Manuka and Lactic Acid. The Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil fades acne scarring with fatty acids.


I talked to Kerry about products that would be good for my specific skin-type, and she recommended switching out the Rose Face Cream for the Manuka Face Cream. Manuka is an antiseptic, and Cedarwood balances. Jojoba and Propolis help normalize oil production and reduce flaky areas.

 This is an awesome little kit that let’s you try out some great products all at once. Highly Recommend.

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