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Month: November, 2016

Le Specs

by christinamdick

I picked up the Savanna Sunglasses from Le Specs (on sale now at Zappos) from Monkees of Richmond (Have you been in there? It’s so cute.) Highly recommend!13687298_311639792516975_256658923_n



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My Favorite Foundation

by christinamdick

My new favorite foundation is Bobbi Brown’s new cushion compact foundation. I have it in two shades: light-medium and medium (one for when I’m tan).

When I’m looking for foundation, I look for one that doesn’t feel thick or greasy. I like a “dewy” finish verses matte. I like pretty good coverage and I also gravitate toward department store brands verses drugstore. I’ve also noticed that lately a bunch of brands are coming out with foundations with high SPFs. I’m a huge fan of this. I will take all the extra SPF I can get.  I wear the Obagi SPF 50 matte under this and it makes for the perfect base. No need for a fancy primer.


You might notice the funky little brush here too. It’s the O Wow Brush from ElementsBeautyShop.com (named by users for the awe-inspiring feel of the bristles and the airbrush effect, gives a streak-free, seamless makeup finish). It is THE best foundation brush. It’s SO soft and makes foundation go on super fast. The foundation comes with this little puff but I don’t like to use it at all. I press the brush into the cushion to pick up the product and glide it on. I carry it with me for touchups through out the day, along with this concealer.

Like several other Bobbi products, it pops out of it’s case for refills. So you pay $50 for the compact and the foundation the first time you buy it, and then only $35 to refill it. It’s Nordstrom exclusive, so you can only get it here.

Have you tried it? What did you think what’s your favorite foundation?


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25 Little Things That Make Me Happy

by christinamdick

In no particular order…..

1.learning new things

2.how much my dad loves the GEICO gecko.


3.spray tans – an instant mood- booster


5.Playing peekaboo with my cat




7.wearing a gown

8.the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen


9.coconut la croix

10.the perfect manicure/pedicure shades


11.sliders – especially the tiny burgers at Pippin Hill (the view doesn’t hurt either)



13.listening to books on audible

14.Gilmore Girls

15.leopard print shoes (…and coats, and dresses and blouses and everything)


15.fancy skincare products

16.fancy candles

17.anything fancy

18.teaching at VCU

19.my bow shoes




22.social media

23.funny tweets

24.interspecies animal friendships



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The Perfect Dress

by christinamdick

I ordered “Always Stunning Convertible Dress” from Lulus for my little brother’s wedding last month and it turned out to be absolutely perfect. I was initially skeptical about shopping at Lulus because it’s so cheap ($58), but you couldn’t tell at all by the fabric and the way it fit.
There are a bunch of different ways to wear the dress, and I opted for crossing it over in the front and wearing it as a halter. My aunt helped me tie a bow in the back so the fabric wouldn’t drag. If there was one con about the dress, it’s that the back can come untied easily. I had to fix it once or twice throughout the night.

The dress was SO comfortable and I washed it in the washing machine (cold water) and nothing terrible happened to it. Super low maintenance and it looks so nice. This would be a perfect dress for traveling because the fabric doesn’t get wrinkled.

Here’s me with my little brother Davey.


And my boyfriend Jay.14718526_222889171465002_4772436465244176384_n

And here it is from the back:



Here are some of the other ways the website suggests wearing it. I almost wore it how it’s pictured on the left.

1656618_2685301656570_268514 1705532_278542

Bonus: Here’s our brother-sister dance.😭

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