The Perfect Dress

by christinamdick

I ordered “Always Stunning Convertible Dress” from Lulus for my little brother’s wedding last month and it turned out to be absolutely perfect. I was initially skeptical about shopping at Lulus because it’s so cheap ($58), but you couldn’t tell at all by the fabric and the way it fit.
There are a bunch of different ways to wear the dress, and I opted for crossing it over in the front and wearing it as a halter. My aunt helped me tie a bow in the back so the fabric wouldn’t drag. If there was one con about the dress, it’s that the back can come untied easily. I had to fix it once or twice throughout the night.

The dress was SO comfortable and I washed it in the washing machine (cold water) and nothing terrible happened to it. Super low maintenance and it looks so nice. This would be a perfect dress for traveling because the fabric doesn’t get wrinkled.

Here’s me with my little brother Davey.


And my boyfriend Jay.14718526_222889171465002_4772436465244176384_n

And here it is from the back:



Here are some of the other ways the website suggests wearing it. I almost wore it how it’s pictured on the left.

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Bonus: Here’s our brother-sister dance.😭

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