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Month: January, 2017

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

by christinamdick

When I worked at a Bare Minerals boutique in college, I had to clean about 40 brushes in a bathroom sink at the end of every shift. You’d have thought that would have made me really good at it. We had a special brush cleaner and when I worked there and got 50% off everything, I had one too. Now, I don’t buy special brush cleaners. Up until recently I was using a bottle of face cleanser that I didn’t like using on my face and sometimes Dr. Bronners.

I got the tip from Sparkle of Canvas The Salon at a beauty event I went to before the holidays to use coconut oil and Dawn and it works so much better than what I’d been doing. (side note: the beauty events at Canvas are underrated and amazing. The owner Jevata always has beauty lessons from experts, giveaways (I won a bracelet from Bebe and got a free OPI nail polish) and good snacks, If you’re in Richmond, go!)

What you need:

Coconut Oil (mine is from Trader Joe’s, but you can also get it here

Dawn dish soap (I assume you can use any variety.)

Brush Cleansing Mat. I have this one from Amazon. 


See that white brush on the left? Those are hard to get perfectly white because I usually use it with dark eyeshadows but this does the trick. This mat is the latest addition. It’s so great. Before, I was rubbing brushes into my hands to get them clean and breaking up the makeup and oil with my fingernails. This works so so so much better. There are tons of these out there, and I’m sure they all work pretty much about the same. This one has suction cups on the bottom that stick to the inside of sink so I don’t have to hold it, which is nice.


Scoop some coconut oil onto your brush cleansing mat and rub your dry maul brush into it. Rinse.

Squirt a dime-sized amount of Dawn onto the mat, and rub the wet brush into the mat.Rinse and repeat until the brush is completely clean.

I’ve heard that you shouldn’t set your brushes upright when they’re still dry because the water will seep down to the wooden handle and dissolve the glue that holds the brush together. I lay them out on a towel to dry.

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by christinamdick

PLANKrva hosted a class for Virginia Bloggers and we all got to try out their Lagree Fitness Method. Nine of us tried the class for the first time and then got to know the owners, Tanya and and Alison over veggie sushi and sparkling wine.

This is what we saw when we walked in. The studio is awesome.


There are 10 spaces in the class, so you’ll need to plan ahead and reserve a spot. Each person gets their own “Megaformer,” which is where you’ll spend the entire class. Tanya talked to us for a few minutes about what to expect from the class. She told us there would be modifications for every pose and that she’d walk us through everything. She also said the class would be really hard and that sometimes we’d feel like we wouldn’t stand to do a move any longer, but then at the end we’d be surprised it was over (This was so true).


She told us to grab the spring at the front of the machine and hook it onto the nob. There are two different resistance levels, and she tells you when to switch (I think we only switched once during this particular class).


We slid into a plank for the first part of the routine, and she walked us step by step through 5o minutes of planking, moving back and forth from the front to the back of the machine, doing pistol squats, using resistance bands, and ultimately finishing with ten minutes of stretching.




I really did love the workout and plan to go back. My typical workouts are yoga, hot yoga, barre and gymnastics (let me know if you want me to do a post about any of those). I found Lagree to be most similar to barre. Having some background in those moves definitely helped me in this class. There was no sweating, and I wasn’t reaching for my water bottle. It didn’t feel like an aerobic workout, but it was challenging. The music was awesome. I’m pretty sure I heard Nelly’s Ride Wit Me.

Here’s there pricing info:

Your first class is $20 and after that, classes are $29. They also do a package of 4 for 80 ($20 each). They also have a mini 30 minute class focused on just abs and arms for $15. Full price sheet here.

They’re offering 30% off of the 8 Class Pass to Tiramisu For Breakfast readers. The regular price is $144 and with discount its $100.80.  This offer is only for the month of January (2017).  Anyone interested should email the studio at plank@plankrva.com to get started.

Let me know if you have questions and thanks so much to these lovely ladies for hosting. Go see them soon! download-15



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My Favorite Manicure/Pedicure Shades.

by christinamdick

Deborah Lippman’s Naked is the perfect nude and Lady is a Tramp is such a pretty dark red.


Naked looks great on toes too – that’s what I’m currently wearing. I also like the look of either of these paired with white. This brand also has the best shimmer/glitter shades. Happy Birthday is good for the holidays and Mermaid’s Dream is a cool seafoam green with blue glitter.

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Upgrading My Home Office

by christinamdick

Since going full-time with TFB Agency in April of this year, I’ve been doing work from home some days. I needed a space that was both comfortable and dedicated to business, so I did some re-organizing.

I got this silver tufted bench to use with my black round dining table. It was tough to sit at that table and work – there wasn’t enough room to spread out papers. So, switched it out for a West Elm Parson’s Desk and added a ghost chair. Here’s how it all turned out:


I also have another desk space across the room that you can see in the photo below.


I moved my Ikea Hovet Mirror to make room for it.


I would love to see photos of your workspace. Tweet them at me @christinamdick

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