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Month: February, 2017

It’s Beauty Week at Saks

by christinamdick

Beauty week starts today 2/16 at Saks in Richmond! Tara, their lovely events and marketing manager, invited me to come in and preview some of the products and freebies. There are so. many. freebies. Basically, almost every brand in the cosmetics department has a free gift with purchase.


I’ve been wanting to try the Clé de Peau concealer (especially since my favorite concealer from Bobbi Brown is being discontinued). It has a cult following and I’ve heard nothing but good things. Tara made me an appointment with Millie, the make up artist representing Clé de Peau at Saks. He walked me through the line. We talked about the history, technologies and formulas.


Millie confirmed that the concealer is Clé de Peau’s bestseller. There were stickers on the display for the awards it’s won. I learned that the company was started in 1982 with a vision of fusing French skincare with Japanese Technology (they’re one of the many brands under the Shiseido umbrella). He removed my makeup with the softest cotton pads (made with natural silk) and applied the nighttime moisturizer (Fun fact, day moisturizers typically contain SPF, which he didn’t want to use because it causes a white cast when photographed). He showed me the brand new Radian Stick Foundation, but we ended up using the fluid version. He used a cream blush in shade one (pink/berry) and a light bronzer. On my cheekbones, he used the Brilliant Enhancer reminiscent of the YSL Touche Éclat. for lips, he used the Radiant Lip Liquid (I loved the way this felt – almost like a lip gloss).

The concealer is supposed to be super full coverage and long lasting. I think it will be perfect for carrying for touch-ups. I’ll make sure to give you an update once I’ve used it for a while.


He also let me try the new Blush La Rose from Saks. How cool is this? The product is in the petals, and you swirl your brush on the rose and then apply.


Here’s me and Millie after the makeover. Thank you, Millie! (To schedule your own appointment with Millie, you can email him at menelik_glover@s5a.com or call 804-320-6969.)img_2359

If you’ve been thinking about trying something out or if you’re running low on any of your favorites, now is the time to re-stock. For the full details on each brand’s gift with purchase, click here. (I think the Bobbi Brown one is super cute too).

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Winter White

by christinamdick

You can probably tell my favorite shade to wear and decorate with is white. A while back I asked on Facebook what people would like to see on the blog and my friend Molly wanted tips for wearing winter white for messy people. I say, say go for whites that are washable. Silky tops and dry-clean only pants are tricky because I end up needing to dry clean them after almost every wear. My favorite pants are a pair from the Scandal collection that The Limited did a few years ago. Those ones are no longer sold (I with they were do you could get them – they’re sooo comfortable), but try to find lined pants that are machine washable. My other tip for wearing white is to take them to the dry cleaners and have the back pockets cut and sewn. It always bugged me when the pocked lining showed through until I learned this trick.

Here are a few of my favorite winter white looks:






This sweater by Nili Lotan is so, so pretty. I saw it on Gal Meets Glam and it looks SO soft.


And here’s how I do winter white:


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