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Month: February, 2016

My Virginia Bloggers Instagram Takeover

by christinamdick

I took over the Virginia Bloggers Instagram for a week and had a blast. It was fun sharing a little piece of each day. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

(Click through for the captions)

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Galentine’s Gift Guide

by christinamdick


I think it’s fun to give a friend something special at Valentine’s Day. Here are a few things I’ve given in the past and some ideas!

Flowers from Amanda Burnette: I’ve ordered flowers from Amanda several times and they’re ALWAYS beautiful. They’re so much more unique than something you could get at a national chain or at the grocery store. TODAY (2/10) is the last day to place your order to get these in time for Valentine’s Day!

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes: All of these polishes are gorgeous. As a fun little bonus, they’re all named after songs. I’m partial to Respect and Sarah Smile. They’re also free of harsh chemicals and cruelty-free. Get them for 10% off AND in time for Sunday if you order by tomorrow at elementsbeautyshop.com.  If you’re in Richmond, you can even stop by their store in Carytown. Elements also has my FAVORITe perfume, the Elixr of Love from Caswell-Massey. I can’t imagine anyone not liking this scent. It smells SO good.

Candy Valley Cake Company Cake Pops: Keya Wingfield makes the most beautiful intricate and creative desserts I’ve ever seen! I was introduced to her work when she made these gecko cake pops for one of my clients back in 2010. She also made these awesome and super realistic pops for my clients at Elements. You still have time to get these heart cake pops if you order today!

Buxom Lip Polish: These are one of my favorite lines for lip gloss, and they’re all named after women! I was first introduced to them when I worked at a bareMinerals boutique in college and they had only Krystal, Dolly, Bambi and a few others. They’ve since expanded the collection to include Jessica, Elizabeth, Christina (!), Kristen, Kelly and more. I gave my friend Sophia her namesake shade when I did her makeup for her wedding  last summer. My personal favorites are Erin, Krystal and Dolly.

Rich Bitch: A lot of my friends are in similar industries and we talk a lot about our careers, professionalism and give each other advice and share resources. I think a book that’s really helped you is an awesome gift. My friend Sara gave me Cheryl Strayed’s ‘Brave Enough’ for Christmas, and I thought it was just the perfect gift. Last month, my friend Jevata and I hosted an Inspiration party and invited some women we admire and care about to share their favorite books. You can check that list out here.

Experience gifts are always awesome too. Nobody hates a gift certificate for a mani/pedi. I like Heather at Canvas the Salon. SHE DID OLIVIA POPES NAILS, people! She’s right here in Richmond but she was called in to do a VIP manicure for Kerry Washington in DC. You can read about how it happened here. Of course I IMMEDIATELY ordered the shade she used. It’s available in this kit at HSN. I ordered several to save as gifts!

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