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2016 Tiramisu For Breakfast Holiday Gift Guide

by christinamdick

I put together a gigantic list of holiday gifts I think you all will love. Please post your gift suggestions in the comments for all of us to see!


1. Bobbi Brown Shades For Days Lip Gloss Set | $49 | Nordstrom SO cute. 

2. Perfume Sampler | $65 | Sephora Comes with samples and a gift certificate to exchange for a full-size version of your favorite. 

3. BabyFoot | $25 | ElementsBeautyShop.com & Elements of Carytown (Save 10% with the code TIRAMISU) Fun stocking stuffer/family activity. Winter is the perfect time to use this because you’re wearing socks a lot. 

4. REN V-Cense Night Cream | $55 | ElementsBeautyshop.com & Elements of Carytown (Save 10% with the code TIRAMISU) Frankincense = smells just like Christmas. 

5. Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Naked | $18 | ElementsBeautyshop.com & Elements of Carytown (Save 10% with the code TIRAMISU) This is the perfect nude. Seen here. I always have a nail polish or two in my bag for when I get a manicure and I’ve been known to give them away if a friend likes the color so I’m on my 4th bottle of this. 

6. Charter Club Two-Row Crystal Collar Necklace | $48.50 | Macys Seen here and here.

7. CZ Tennis Bracelet | $24 | Kohls

8. Christmas Bow Drop Earrings | $5 | Kohls

9. Glitter Earrings | $38 | Kate Spade  I have these in multi color glitter and blue. 

10. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl | $41 | Ulta  This is one of my all-time favorite beauty products. I also think its something you might nit pick up for yourself. I’ve gotten so much use out of it  and have had it for a couple years. They also make a pressed version and mini kits.

11. Pearl Collar Necklace | $20 | Macys

12. Buxom Lip Gloss | $20 | Ulta  This comes in so many shades and they’re all named after women. My favorites are Erin and Dolly. They have Samantha, Christina and about 40 other name options.

13. Lune + Aster Lip Gloss | $18 | Blue Mercury   I picked Lune + Aster for the shade names too. I have Entrepreneur and PhD, but you can also get CEO, President, Editor-In-Chief and more.

14. Better Than Sex Mascara | $23 | Macys Hands down, 100% the best mascara ever. 

15. Chronic Beauty Calendar | $22 | Lyme Warrior  Each month features a different woman and her story of battling a chronic disease. Proceeds from the calendar are split among local charities that raise money to benefit the various conditions included.

16. Rich Bitch $15.99 | Local Bookstores (In Richmond, try Chop Suey and Fountain Books. I’ve found that you can call and ask them to order it for you if they don’t have it in stock.) This is my #1 lent-out book and I love it. My students also read it in class. The author Nicole Lapin is also great to follow on social media.

17. Overcoming Bias. On sale now for $8.98 at BKConnection.com. Support local author Tiffany Jana and work toward making the world a more kind and accepting place. 

18. Magazine Subscriptions. I love this as a gift idea because it’s inexpensive and is spread throughout the whole year. I talk about my favorites here.

19. Minima Gift Certificate | Any amount | MinimaOnline.com This is probably my favorite thing on the list. I worked with Kristen, the owner, a couple years ago on closet organization and her help was invaluable. I think this would mean so much to someone who is overwhelmed and doesn’t do enough for themselves. 


20. The Organic Pharmacy Discovery Set | $80 | ElementsBeautyShop.com & Elements of Carytown (Save 10% with the code TIRAMISU) This is the cutest little set and it’s also super luxurious. The carrot butter cleanser smells like lavender and is my absolute favorite. 

21. Cashmere-Lined Leather Tech Gloves | $72 | Nordstrom I bought these a couple years ago and they’re great. I don’t know how they work with the smart phone screen because they don’t have a little patch on the index finger like I’ve seen on other tech gloves but they work perfectly. Mine are size 7.5 and I originally mentioned them here.

22. 32GB Phone USB Drive | $29.99 | Best Buy  I bought a similar version on Black Friday and plan to set aside time to tranfser all my phone photos to free up space. 

23. Apple Lighting to USB Cable (2M) | $29 | Apple You can never have too many phone charges/cords. They’re always getting misplaced and its good to have an extra. Plus, this one is longer which is nice.

24. 804ork Cookbook | $40 | Blunt Objects Features 21 local Richmond restaurants and 56 recipes, with 9 step-by-step “In the Kitchen” instructional breakdowns. Early Bird Biscuit Co. & Bakery, L’Opossum, Southbound, Pizza Tonight, Shoryuken Ramen, The Dog and Pig Show, Metzger Bar & Butchery are just a few of the featured restaurants. 

25. Merry iPhone Charger | $9.95 | American Eagle Also available for Android.

26. Custom Pet Illustration | $11 | Fiverr Didn’t she do SUCH a good job on Kitty?

27. Gilligan O’Malley | $24.99 | Target I bought these Giselle version from Eberjey for about $100 and these are even better. These are perfect if you use self-tanner at night and don’t want to get it on your sheets. I also love the leopard version.

28. Cat Bed | $20 | Walmart Kitty is totally getting this. 

29. Cosmetics bag | $104 | Kate Spade

These last few are perfect for hostess gifts.

30.Custom House Drawing My friend Hawley makes these. I got one for my dad two Christmases ago and he loved it. Message me if you want one and I can put you in touch. 

31. Ornament Wine Marker And Tree $15.99 | Wayfair.com I bought this for my friend Liz (iheartvegetables) and had a hard time not keeping it for myself. 

32.  New Home Card | $7.95 | Papyrus (or Whole Foods) A lot of times people will hold loop their housewarming celebration into a holiday party and this card is perfect for congratulating friends on their big life move!

33. Gerard Bertrand Cote de Roses Rose | $15.99 | ShopWineDirect.com My friend Judi was buying this for her mom when I ran into her one day at Kroger and It thought it was the coolest. The bottom of the bottle is shaped like a rose. Super elegant – especially for the price. 

34. Nest Fragrances Holiday Candle Trio Set | $60 | Blue Mercury I have a large version of the hearth candle and it’s the absolute best.

35. “Olivia Pope” Wine Glasses | $12.95 each | Crate and Barrel My little brother and his wife got these for me last Christmas and I love them. 

Bonus Extra! Another perfect gift is a gift card to Kendra Scott. They just opened their first Richmond location over the summer in Short Pump Town Center. One of my favorite things about the boutiqe is the color bar. You can choose your stone, metal and shape to create your own custom piece of jewelry. I love the idea of getting this a as a gift for a sister, mom or best friend and taking them to the color bar to create a matching ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings. they also just started making nail polishes that match the jewelry!

Color Bar personalization will relaunch on the site.

Le Specs

by christinamdick

I picked up the Savanna Sunglasses from Le Specs (on sale now at Zappos) from Monkees of Richmond (Have you been in there? It’s so cute.) Highly recommend!13687298_311639792516975_256658923_n



My Favorite Foundation

by christinamdick

My new favorite foundation is Bobbi Brown’s new cushion compact foundation. I have it in two shades: light-medium and medium (one for when I’m tan).

When I’m looking for foundation, I look for one that doesn’t feel thick or greasy. I like a “dewy” finish verses matte. I like pretty good coverage and I also gravitate toward department store brands verses drugstore. I’ve also noticed that lately a bunch of brands are coming out with foundations with high SPFs. I’m a huge fan of this. I will take all the extra SPF I can get.  I wear the Obagi SPF 50 matte under this and it makes for the perfect base. No need for a fancy primer.


You might notice the funky little brush here too. It’s the O Wow Brush from ElementsBeautyShop.com (named by users for the awe-inspiring feel of the bristles and the airbrush effect, gives a streak-free, seamless makeup finish). It is THE best foundation brush. It’s SO soft and makes foundation go on super fast. The foundation comes with this little puff but I don’t like to use it at all. I press the brush into the cushion to pick up the product and glide it on. I carry it with me for touchups through out the day, along with this concealer.

Like several other Bobbi products, it pops out of it’s case for refills. So you pay $50 for the compact and the foundation the first time you buy it, and then only $35 to refill it. It’s Nordstrom exclusive, so you can only get it here.

Have you tried it? What did you think what’s your favorite foundation?


25 Little Things That Make Me Happy

by christinamdick

In no particular order…..

1.learning new things

2.how much my dad loves the GEICO gecko.


3.spray tans – an instant mood- booster


5.Playing peekaboo with my cat




7.wearing a gown

8.the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen


9.coconut la croix

10.the perfect manicure/pedicure shades


11.sliders – especially the tiny burgers at Pippin Hill (the view doesn’t hurt either)



13.listening to books on audible

14.Gilmore Girls

15.leopard print shoes (…and coats, and dresses and blouses and everything)


15.fancy skincare products

16.fancy candles

17.anything fancy

18.teaching at VCU

19.my bow shoes




22.social media

23.funny tweets

24.interspecies animal friendships



The Perfect Dress

by christinamdick

I ordered “Always Stunning Convertible Dress” from Lulus for my little brother’s wedding last month and it turned out to be absolutely perfect. I was initially skeptical about shopping at Lulus because it’s so cheap ($58), but you couldn’t tell at all by the fabric and the way it fit.
There are a bunch of different ways to wear the dress, and I opted for crossing it over in the front and wearing it as a halter. My aunt helped me tie a bow in the back so the fabric wouldn’t drag. If there was one con about the dress, it’s that the back can come untied easily. I had to fix it once or twice throughout the night.

The dress was SO comfortable and I washed it in the washing machine (cold water) and nothing terrible happened to it. Super low maintenance and it looks so nice. This would be a perfect dress for traveling because the fabric doesn’t get wrinkled.

Here’s me with my little brother Davey.


And my boyfriend Jay.14718526_222889171465002_4772436465244176384_n

And here it is from the back:



Here are some of the other ways the website suggests wearing it. I almost wore it how it’s pictured on the left.

1656618_2685301656570_268514 1705532_278542

Bonus: Here’s our brother-sister dance.😭

When Art Meets Fashion

by christinamdick

Katlyn, the newest member of the Tiramisu For Breakfast team and I got to check out the fall Max Mara collection at Saks as part of a benefit event put on by Style Weekly for SPARC Richmond and the VCU ICA. Here’s what Katlyn had to say about the event:

I was so honored to be invited to the When Art Meets Fashion 2016 event hosted by Style Weekly! On October 6th, I stepped into the Saks Fifth Avenue in Stony Point and was instantly mesmerized by the clothes, food and people.



I had the opportunity to sit in on a fine arts auction. All proceeds from the auction went to two amazing art organizations, the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU and SPARC. The Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU is currently undergoing construction and will be a venue for a broad variety art forms. SPARC is a performing arts school here in Richmond that offers classes for children and young adults.

Works from Matt Lively, Tom Condon and more were featured in the silent auction.


I was EXTREMELY tempted to bid on this beautiful flower arrangement.


The auction was followed by a MaxMara fashion show. (The Olivia Pope-approved brand!) I’m SO ready for sweater weather!



After, we were able to shop the runway. I had to remind myself that I shouldn’t buy all the sweaters from the collection.


Saks gave a percentage of the proceeds from purchases to ICA at VCU.


I also checked out some of the items from the line on the website. I’m highly obsessed with this Piera Silk Jersey Back Blouse.


Also, can we talk about how stunning this coat is? (Christmas is coming soon!)


I can’t wait to see the end results of the ICA at VCU when it finally opens their doors in fall 2017!


Thank you so much to Melanie, Dana and Lori for such a wonderful night! 🙂



My Skincare Routine

by christinamdick

I looovvveee fancy skincare products. I’m always trying new things for this blog or for my clients and brands I’m working with, which sometimes throws my skin out of whack. I have acne-prone skin, so I need to be very careful about what I use. There’s always a struggle finding a balance between products that will treat/prevent blemishes but not dry out skin. Plus, I’m always trying new things for this blog or for my clients and brands I’m working with, which sometimes throws my skin out of whack. I’ve found that sticking to these 9 products on a regular basis has been keeping my skin clear. current-skincare-001

1 & 2. SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age DefenseSkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 and ProActiv Pore Targeting Treatment: These are the products I use to get rid of blemishes. The way it was explained to me by Angela, my amazing facialist at Glow Med Spa, is that Salicylic Acid exfoliates/removes dead skin cells and Benzoyl Peroxide actually kills the blemish-causing bacteria. Alternating these three products has been working out really well. I’ve found that I come across products with Salicylic Acid all the time, but Benzoyl Peroxide is harder to find.

3. Proactiv Pore Targeting Treatment. I bought this after Ingrid Nelson talked about it in here. They actually have a Proactiv machine in our local mall, so I picked it up in there. You can get a better deal if you buy online. This has the Benzoyl Peroxide I mentioned earlier.

4. SkinMedia Ha5 Rejuvenating Hydrator: I was so excited to hear Dr. Suzanne Peck mention this as one of her favorite products when I interviewed her here. It has Hyaluronic Acid, that magic moisturizing ingredient we keep hearing about, and does give a really nice, soft finish. I use this In the places my face gets really dry – in between me eyebrows and at the tip of my nose.

Obagi SPF 50: This is one of the nicest sun blocks I’ve ever used. It’s not greasy and has zero smell. Plus, it mattifies. If I need to reapply through out the day I use the COOLA Makeup Setting Spray SPF30 and I use COOLA plumeria for everywhere but my face.

5. Erborian Cleansing Balm: I forgot a makeup remover when I went to Austin back in July, and was recommended this by someone at the Sephora down there. I had been using Bioderma, but I think this does an even better job of getting all the makeup off. Plus, it’s so easy. I get a little bit on my fingertips right out of the jar and “massage” if all over my dry skin to get my makeup off before I get in the shower.

6. Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50: I put this on everyday before my makeup. It’s not greasy and it doesn’t have a smell.

7 & 8: Skinceuticals LHA Cleansing Gel and Toner: These are so great. I use the cleanser every morning and night, and I usually use the toner once a day.  If I feel like my skin is dried out, I sub in a gentle cleanser from Obagi and skip the toner.

9: First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Intensive Peel:  I LOVE this mask. I’d say it’s not for sensitive skin, because it stings, even if I only have it on for a few minutes. I apply it about once a week and it makes your skin super soft more even-toned. I always apply a moisturizing mask like this one or this one after.

What are your skincare staples?

Fall Wish List

by christinamdick

Here are some things I’ve had my eye on for fall:

I came across this dress on Instagram and I think it looks so chic. This would be so cute with black tights and boots.


Tessa Piped Dress | Cooper & Ella |$235

I have seen so many interesting sleeves lately.


Warehouse Bell Sleeve Mohair Sweater | ASOS | $89


Camel coat, Gal Meets Glam


Distressed black jeans inspiration


Everly Bell Sleeve Blouse | Belk | $50


Bell Sleeve Chunky Sweater | Zaful | $19.99

J. Crew Pom Sweater

by christinamdick

I saw this J. Crew pom sweater on the Facebook page of a local consignment store, Clementine. I liked it as soon as I saw it, but wasn’t sure how I’d wear it. So, i tried out one of my favorite Pinterest tricks, and searched it to see how other people we wearing it.


Here’s what came up: I searched “pom sweater” and then narrowed to “J Crew pom sweater” and found Katie Holmes, Zoe Deschanel and Emily from the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog wearing it three different ways. I was sold.



NEW GIRL: Jess (Zooey Deschanel, R) and Sam (guest star David Walton, L) talk about where they stand with each other in the "Fluffer" episode of NEW GIRL airing Tuesday, Oct. 2 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Greg Gayne/FOX

And now it’s mine 🙂 I plan on wearing it with my J. Crew Pixie Pants and these boots.


Pinterest is obviously great for dreaming up the perfect wardrobe/home/life, but it can actually be pretty practical too. Next time you’re stuck on how to wear something, try typing a description of what you’re working with in Pinterest and see what comes up!


Skincare and Makeup for Sensitive Skin with Pryor

by christinamdick

Meet Pryor, she’s a PR lady here in Richmond. We met when I worked at The Martin Agency and she was my client at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. She complimented my Kate Spade bag and I knew we’d be friends. One day when we were out for manicures, I noticed Pryor brought her own polish. She mentioned she has to use certain formulas because of her sensitive eczema. She went on to talk about all the research she does and different oils and lotions she uses to treat her sensitive skin. I asked her to share a few of her favorites with us.

Look what a cutie! img_4204

So what’s in Pryor’s Makeup bag?

Cocovit Coconut Oil: There’s a reason people swear by coconut oil – the uses are endless. I’m not fond of the smell, so I mix it with other things to make my own makeup remover. It’s gentle on my eyes, doesn’t burn and takes off the toughest mascara or eye liner in one swipe.

theBalm Down Boy Blush: theBalm’s powder blushes are paraben and talc-free. I have three different colors.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Healthy Skin Foundation: 100% Pure is my latest find and I’ve just started using this tinted moisturizer. It’s really light and includes SPF, which is a must. The pigments are from fruits and vegetables, rather than synthetic dyes.

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara: Tried and true favorite since high school. Mascara is the one area where I can cheat a bit and veer away from organic.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip and Cheek Tint: My favorite thing about this cheek tint may be the smell! It’s moisturizing and the color lasts all day.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer: The living luminizer is touted as one of RMS’ best products. It’s not sticky or glittery. I use it in place of eye shadow and as a highlighter.

Josie Maran Argan Infused Brightening Balm: Josie Maran’s products are paraben and SLS-free. If I have extra time in the morning, I’ll mix this with my tinted moisturizer for an extra glow.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeliner: I use this eyeliner when I’m going to weddings or events because it’s waterproof and lasts all day, but it also requires extra time, a brush and a steady hand!

Acure Lip Lush: I recently discovered Acure as I was researching sulfate and paraben-free shampoo. The lip gloss is not sticky and adds just the right amount of color.

Tarte Skinny SmoulderEyes Amazonian Clay Eyeliner: It’s hard to find a paraben and SLS-free eyeliner that doesn’t smudge. I love the Tarte brand because none of their products irritate my skin. I have this eyeliner in a handful of colors.

And her skincare routine…


Jojoba Oil: When I’m having an eczema (or even worse, rosacea) flare-up, jojoba oil is the only thing that doesn’t further irritate my skin. I use it as a face moisturizer and a body lotion, too. It absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy and doesn’t clog pores.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: I love First Aid Beauty and have used this face cream for years. It’s incredibly gentle and absorbs quickly.

TriDerma Facial Redness Repair: I stumbled upon this when I was desperate during a rosacea flare-up. I use it when I’m starting to get red and then layer it with jojoba oil.

Bioderma (I love this too!): The EU has stricter standards regarding chemicals in skincare and makeup products than the states, so a lot of international brands have banned parabens and impossible-to–pronounce additives for years. One example is Bioderma. This stuff looks and feels like water, so it’s incredibly gentle on my skin. It also removes makeup in two seconds.

Acure All Better Balm: I have toted this around lately in my purse because it’s small and also moisturizes my hands without being greasy.

For more, check out our video chat here.

Do any of you have eczema? What products work well for you?