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Who To Follow: Lisa Eldridge

by christinamdick

I learn so much and get inspiration from people I follow on social media. I’m going to begin sharing a few of those favorites with all of you, starting with Lisa Eldridge.

One of my favorite people to watch and follow is Lisa Eldridge. She’s a British makeup artist to the stars with an amazing talent in not only makeup artistry but also teaching and sharing her expertise.


I’ve learned so much about makeup and skincare from watching Lisa on YouTube – from choosing the perfect nude lipstick shade to how to give yourself a facial massage to the latest developments in Korean beauty. She’s a delight to listen to and it’s neat to see the guests she brings on. In her tutorials, she goes step by step and you can literally set the computer on your vanity and follow along as you copy her technique.My favorite videos are probably the ones where she talks through her favorite products. I have tried out several of her recommendations –Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter and Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant, to name a few – and never been disappointed.

 In 2015, Lisa became Lancome’s Creative Director of Makeup. (She created the La Rose à poudrer that I mentioned here.) and she recently launched a book called Facepaint about the history of makeup.

Her Instagram is full beauty products, her work, vintage beauty icons, her celebrity friends and her cats – Bertie and Teddy.

13725477_1037176296336217_2036397903_n 1527514_463994690445370_159874131_n 13737053_779629155513590_1655447841_n 14134776_1285078391534716_275590815_n  15876786_1174401929341988_603740653695795200_n 16464651_390041904686096_3191405599963217920_n 15876786_1174401929341988_603740653695795200_n   12822513_786923751440830_423784731_n 13328984_1079222175449227_502155277_n 12299024_1652906851643293_1493770550_n16464530_205854179882894_1604120948766670848_n16123610_723210894521035_4341858361663291392_n

Are you a fan of Lisa too? I’d love to hear who you like to follow.

It’s Beauty Week at Saks

by christinamdick

Beauty week starts today 2/16 at Saks in Richmond! Tara, their lovely events and marketing manager, invited me to come in and preview some of the products and freebies. There are so. many. freebies. Basically, almost every brand in the cosmetics department has a free gift with purchase.


I’ve been wanting to try the Clé de Peau concealer (especially since my favorite concealer from Bobbi Brown is being discontinued). It has a cult following and I’ve heard nothing but good things. Tara made me an appointment with Millie, the make up artist representing Clé de Peau at Saks. He walked me through the line. We talked about the history, technologies and formulas.


Millie confirmed that the concealer is Clé de Peau’s bestseller. There were stickers on the display for the awards it’s won. I learned that the company was started in 1982 with a vision of fusing French skincare with Japanese Technology (they’re one of the many brands under the Shiseido umbrella). He removed my makeup with the softest cotton pads (made with natural silk) and applied the nighttime moisturizer (Fun fact, day moisturizers typically contain SPF, which he didn’t want to use because it causes a white cast when photographed). He showed me the brand new Radian Stick Foundation, but we ended up using the fluid version. He used a cream blush in shade one (pink/berry) and a light bronzer. On my cheekbones, he used the Brilliant Enhancer reminiscent of the YSL Touche Éclat. for lips, he used the Radiant Lip Liquid (I loved the way this felt – almost like a lip gloss).

The concealer is supposed to be super full coverage and long lasting. I think it will be perfect for carrying for touch-ups. I’ll make sure to give you an update once I’ve used it for a while.


He also let me try the new Blush La Rose from Saks. How cool is this? The product is in the petals, and you swirl your brush on the rose and then apply.


Here’s me and Millie after the makeover. Thank you, Millie! (To schedule your own appointment with Millie, you can email him at menelik_glover@s5a.com or call 804-320-6969.)img_2359

If you’ve been thinking about trying something out or if you’re running low on any of your favorites, now is the time to re-stock. For the full details on each brand’s gift with purchase, click here. (I think the Bobbi Brown one is super cute too).

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Winter White

by christinamdick

You can probably tell my favorite shade to wear and decorate with is white. A while back I asked on Facebook what people would like to see on the blog and my friend Molly wanted tips for wearing winter white for messy people. I say, say go for whites that are washable. Silky tops and dry-clean only pants are tricky because I end up needing to dry clean them after almost every wear. My favorite pants are a pair from the Scandal collection that The Limited did a few years ago. Those ones are no longer sold (I with they were do you could get them – they’re sooo comfortable), but try to find lined pants that are machine washable. My other tip for wearing white is to take them to the dry cleaners and have the back pockets cut and sewn. It always bugged me when the pocked lining showed through until I learned this trick.

Here are a few of my favorite winter white looks:






This sweater by Nili Lotan is so, so pretty. I saw it on Gal Meets Glam and it looks SO soft.


And here’s how I do winter white:


How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

by christinamdick

When I worked at a Bare Minerals boutique in college, I had to clean about 40 brushes in a bathroom sink at the end of every shift. You’d have thought that would have made me really good at it. We had a special brush cleaner and when I worked there and got 50% off everything, I had one too. Now, I don’t buy special brush cleaners. Up until recently I was using a bottle of face cleanser that I didn’t like using on my face and sometimes Dr. Bronners.

I got the tip from Sparkle of Canvas The Salon at a beauty event I went to before the holidays to use coconut oil and Dawn and it works so much better than what I’d been doing. (side note: the beauty events at Canvas are underrated and amazing. The owner Jevata always has beauty lessons from experts, giveaways (I won a bracelet from Bebe and got a free OPI nail polish) and good snacks, If you’re in Richmond, go!)

What you need:

Coconut Oil (mine is from Trader Joe’s, but you can also get it here

Dawn dish soap (I assume you can use any variety.)

Brush Cleansing Mat. I have this one from Amazon. 


See that white brush on the left? Those are hard to get perfectly white because I usually use it with dark eyeshadows but this does the trick. This mat is the latest addition. It’s so great. Before, I was rubbing brushes into my hands to get them clean and breaking up the makeup and oil with my fingernails. This works so so so much better. There are tons of these out there, and I’m sure they all work pretty much about the same. This one has suction cups on the bottom that stick to the inside of sink so I don’t have to hold it, which is nice.


Scoop some coconut oil onto your brush cleansing mat and rub your dry maul brush into it. Rinse.

Squirt a dime-sized amount of Dawn onto the mat, and rub the wet brush into the mat.Rinse and repeat until the brush is completely clean.

I’ve heard that you shouldn’t set your brushes upright when they’re still dry because the water will seep down to the wooden handle and dissolve the glue that holds the brush together. I lay them out on a towel to dry.


by christinamdick

PLANKrva hosted a class for Virginia Bloggers and we all got to try out their Lagree Fitness Method. Nine of us tried the class for the first time and then got to know the owners, Tanya and and Alison over veggie sushi and sparkling wine.

This is what we saw when we walked in. The studio is awesome.


There are 10 spaces in the class, so you’ll need to plan ahead and reserve a spot. Each person gets their own “Megaformer,” which is where you’ll spend the entire class. Tanya talked to us for a few minutes about what to expect from the class. She told us there would be modifications for every pose and that she’d walk us through everything. She also said the class would be really hard and that sometimes we’d feel like we wouldn’t stand to do a move any longer, but then at the end we’d be surprised it was over (This was so true).


She told us to grab the spring at the front of the machine and hook it onto the nob. There are two different resistance levels, and she tells you when to switch (I think we only switched once during this particular class).


We slid into a plank for the first part of the routine, and she walked us step by step through 5o minutes of planking, moving back and forth from the front to the back of the machine, doing pistol squats, using resistance bands, and ultimately finishing with ten minutes of stretching.




I really did love the workout and plan to go back. My typical workouts are yoga, hot yoga, barre and gymnastics (let me know if you want me to do a post about any of those). I found Lagree to be most similar to barre. Having some background in those moves definitely helped me in this class. There was no sweating, and I wasn’t reaching for my water bottle. It didn’t feel like an aerobic workout, but it was challenging. The music was awesome. I’m pretty sure I heard Nelly’s Ride Wit Me.

Here’s there pricing info:

Your first class is $20 and after that, classes are $29. They also do a package of 4 for 80 ($20 each). They also have a mini 30 minute class focused on just abs and arms for $15. Full price sheet here.

They’re offering 30% off of the 8 Class Pass to Tiramisu For Breakfast readers. The regular price is $144 and with discount its $100.80.  This offer is only for the month of January (2017).  Anyone interested should email the studio at plank@plankrva.com to get started.

Let me know if you have questions and thanks so much to these lovely ladies for hosting. Go see them soon! download-15



My Favorite Manicure/Pedicure Shades.

by christinamdick

Deborah Lippman’s Naked is the perfect nude and Lady is a Tramp is such a pretty dark red.


Naked looks great on toes too – that’s what I’m currently wearing. I also like the look of either of these paired with white. This brand also has the best shimmer/glitter shades. Happy Birthday is good for the holidays and Mermaid’s Dream is a cool seafoam green with blue glitter.

Upgrading My Home Office

by christinamdick

Since going full-time with TFB Agency in April of this year, I’ve been doing work from home some days. I needed a space that was both comfortable and dedicated to business, so I did some re-organizing.

I got this silver tufted bench to use with my black round dining table. It was tough to sit at that table and work – there wasn’t enough room to spread out papers. So, switched it out for a West Elm Parson’s Desk and added a ghost chair. Here’s how it all turned out:


I also have another desk space across the room that you can see in the photo below.


I moved my Ikea Hovet Mirror to make room for it.


I would love to see photos of your workspace. Tweet them at me @christinamdick


by christinamdick

2016 was a big year for Tiramisu For Breakfast and we’re so grateful to you all for being a part of it. This year, TFB became an official company and I had my first TV appearance and magazine feature. Here’s a summary of the year:

In January, I talked about my favorite products for Moisturizing dry skin. I still love these and have added some new things like First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream.


Also, my friend Jevata and I hosted our first Inspiration Party. We invited the women in our lives to get together and ideas, favorite books, goals and encouragement. It was amazing.


I also competed in a gymnastics meet with Liz from I Heart Vegetables and some other gymnast friends.


In February, I took over the Virginia Bloggers Instagram account for a week.


In March, R Home featured me and my home (and kitty) in this piece.


April was a big month for business. TFB Agency won it’s first award for an influencer campaign we worked on for ElementsBeautyShop.com. This was also, when TFB Agency officially launched with this piece in Richmond Biz Sense and picked up out first new clients, Patient First and James River Air.


In May, I joined Jessica Noll (check her out on Instagram: @Jessica.Noll) on CBS 6’s Virginia This Morning to talk about Summer Beauty. You can watch the full segment here. I also helped host a shopping event at J. Crew to benefit Massey Cancer Center and introduced you all to the brand, The Organic Pharmacy.


In August, Dermatologist Suzanne Peck shared her skincare tips with us in the first Tiramisu For Breakfast Live Facebook Interview. Check out part one and part two.

In September, I chatted with local PR queen Pryor Green about skincare and makeup tips for sensitive skin. (she shared some great stuff!) Also, Katlyn Pierre  joined TFB as our first intern! She graduted in May (hire her!)


In October, I worked with CBS 6 again for a story about the Luke’s Diner Popup shops Netflix did across the country to promote the Gilmore Girls revival. Watch the clip here.


Also in October, Katlyn and I attended Style Weekly’s When Art Meets Fashion event at Saks to benefit the new Institute of Contemporary Art at VCU.


October was also the month my little brother got married. Him and his wife, Jennifer, got married at Bold Rock Cider in Nellysford, Virginia and everything was beautiful.


I talked about the inexpensive but fabulous dress I wore here.

I wrapped up the year with a gigantic gift guide that was hopefully helpful to all of you.  Please let me know what fun things you’d like to see on the blog in 2017 in the comments!

The Perfect Personalized Gift With Huger Memories

by christinamdick

My brother Davey and his wife Jennifer LOVE their dogs Ollie and Sam. When I met Sarah and learned about the custom designs she creates, I knew it would be the perfect gift to give them for their wedding.


About Huger Memories:

Interior Designer Sarah Gibson Wiley founded Huger Memories in 2012. She creates “memory art” in the form of embroidered pillows. Check out her feature here.


Photo by Beth Ferguson for R Home

Here’s how the process worked:

The hardest part of the whole process was getting a photo of the two dogs together. First, I went through my brother and his wife’s Facebook photos to find one. When I couldn’t find one there, I reached out and asked for a photo of the dogs (I lied and said my friend had dogs that looked just like them and I wanted to show her.) That didn’t work either, so I got my dad to help me get this one. (I never realized how hard it was to get a photo of two dogs together, specially when it seems like Kitty is always posing.


I sent the photos to Sarah in an email, crossing my fingers they’d work. She let me know they would, and also that I didn’t even have to have a photo of the dogs together. She could have taken two separate photos and worked them together. Also, the background of the photo doesn’t matter at all – she can make it into whatever you wan. (As lovely as that leather couch was in the photo I took, I didn’t want it on the design). So, if you’re thinking about getting one, don’t worry at all about the background.

After just a few days, Sarah sent back this proof. I sent it to my dad and cousin for approval, and then let her know it would be perfect.


Next, she sent me the version with the fabric sewn on. I let her know it was great and she worked on turning it into a pillow.


I visited Sarah in her beautiful home/shop to pick up the final product.


I loved this Iris Apfel design she had hanging in the shop.


I gave the pillow to Davey and Jenn at my Grandma’s 91st birthday dinner and everyone loved it.

The best part of the whole experience was that their reaction was even better than I expected.

img_0916      img_0926-1

In addition to family portraits, she also does family portraits, homes, interpretations of children’s drawings and wedding invitations.

These are a few of my favorite examples from her site.

14723205_975012259277233_6896661426522292224_n 15275535_145666835909890_7975086482861850624_n

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-6-20-52-pm screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-7-13-28-pm


You can get a pillow page of your home, pet, family or your child’s drawing for $225.

Sarah also offers “mini memories” in either 5X7 ($95) or 8X19 ($145) that can be framed.

Tea towels are $145.

Thanks to Sarah and Huger Memories for making this wedding gift so special!

If you’d like to purchase your own, orders are being accepted through 12/15. Give Sarah a call at804.304.8808 or email her at sarah@hugermemories.com

Let me know what you think in the comments!

2016 Tiramisu For Breakfast Holiday Gift Guide

by christinamdick

I put together a gigantic list of holiday gifts I think you all will love. Please post your gift suggestions in the comments for all of us to see!


1. Bobbi Brown Shades For Days Lip Gloss Set | $49 | Nordstrom SO cute. 

2. Perfume Sampler | $65 | Sephora Comes with samples and a gift certificate to exchange for a full-size version of your favorite. 

3. BabyFoot | $25 | ElementsBeautyShop.com & Elements of Carytown (Save 10% with the code TIRAMISU) Fun stocking stuffer/family activity. Winter is the perfect time to use this because you’re wearing socks a lot. 

4. REN V-Cense Night Cream | $55 | ElementsBeautyshop.com & Elements of Carytown (Save 10% with the code TIRAMISU) Frankincense = smells just like Christmas. 

5. Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Naked | $18 | ElementsBeautyshop.com & Elements of Carytown (Save 10% with the code TIRAMISU) This is the perfect nude. Seen here. I always have a nail polish or two in my bag for when I get a manicure and I’ve been known to give them away if a friend likes the color so I’m on my 4th bottle of this. 

6. Charter Club Two-Row Crystal Collar Necklace | $48.50 | Macys Seen here and here.

7. CZ Tennis Bracelet | $24 | Kohls

8. Christmas Bow Drop Earrings | $5 | Kohls

9. Glitter Earrings | $38 | Kate Spade  I have these in multi color glitter and blue. 

10. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl | $41 | Ulta  This is one of my all-time favorite beauty products. I also think its something you might nit pick up for yourself. I’ve gotten so much use out of it  and have had it for a couple years. They also make a pressed version and mini kits.

11. Pearl Collar Necklace | $20 | Macys

12. Buxom Lip Gloss | $20 | Ulta  This comes in so many shades and they’re all named after women. My favorites are Erin and Dolly. They have Samantha, Christina and about 40 other name options.

13. Lune + Aster Lip Gloss | $18 | Blue Mercury   I picked Lune + Aster for the shade names too. I have Entrepreneur and PhD, but you can also get CEO, President, Editor-In-Chief and more.

14. Better Than Sex Mascara | $23 | Macys Hands down, 100% the best mascara ever. 

15. Chronic Beauty Calendar | $22 | Lyme Warrior  Each month features a different woman and her story of battling a chronic disease. Proceeds from the calendar are split among local charities that raise money to benefit the various conditions included.

16. Rich Bitch $15.99 | Local Bookstores (In Richmond, try Chop Suey and Fountain Books. I’ve found that you can call and ask them to order it for you if they don’t have it in stock.) This is my #1 lent-out book and I love it. My students also read it in class. The author Nicole Lapin is also great to follow on social media.

17. Overcoming Bias. On sale now for $8.98 at BKConnection.com. Support local author Tiffany Jana and work toward making the world a more kind and accepting place. 

18. Magazine Subscriptions. I love this as a gift idea because it’s inexpensive and is spread throughout the whole year. I talk about my favorites here.

19. Minima Gift Certificate | Any amount | MinimaOnline.com This is probably my favorite thing on the list. I worked with Kristen, the owner, a couple years ago on closet organization and her help was invaluable. I think this would mean so much to someone who is overwhelmed and doesn’t do enough for themselves. 


20. The Organic Pharmacy Discovery Set | $80 | ElementsBeautyShop.com & Elements of Carytown (Save 10% with the code TIRAMISU) This is the cutest little set and it’s also super luxurious. The carrot butter cleanser smells like lavender and is my absolute favorite. 

21. Cashmere-Lined Leather Tech Gloves | $72 | Nordstrom I bought these a couple years ago and they’re great. I don’t know how they work with the smart phone screen because they don’t have a little patch on the index finger like I’ve seen on other tech gloves but they work perfectly. Mine are size 7.5 and I originally mentioned them here.

22. 32GB Phone USB Drive | $29.99 | Best Buy  I bought a similar version on Black Friday and plan to set aside time to tranfser all my phone photos to free up space. 

23. Apple Lighting to USB Cable (2M) | $29 | Apple You can never have too many phone charges/cords. They’re always getting misplaced and its good to have an extra. Plus, this one is longer which is nice.

24. 804ork Cookbook | $40 | Blunt Objects Features 21 local Richmond restaurants and 56 recipes, with 9 step-by-step “In the Kitchen” instructional breakdowns. Early Bird Biscuit Co. & Bakery, L’Opossum, Southbound, Pizza Tonight, Shoryuken Ramen, The Dog and Pig Show, Metzger Bar & Butchery are just a few of the featured restaurants. 

25. Merry iPhone Charger | $9.95 | American Eagle Also available for Android.

26. Custom Pet Illustration | $11 | Fiverr Didn’t she do SUCH a good job on Kitty?

27. Gilligan O’Malley | $24.99 | Target I bought these Giselle version from Eberjey for about $100 and these are even better. These are perfect if you use self-tanner at night and don’t want to get it on your sheets. I also love the leopard version.

28. Cat Bed | $20 | Walmart Kitty is totally getting this. 

29. Cosmetics bag | $104 | Kate Spade

These last few are perfect for hostess gifts.

30.Custom House Drawing My friend Hawley makes these. I got one for my dad two Christmases ago and he loved it. Message me if you want one and I can put you in touch. 

31. Ornament Wine Marker And Tree $15.99 | Wayfair.com I bought this for my friend Liz (iheartvegetables) and had a hard time not keeping it for myself. 

32.  New Home Card | $7.95 | Papyrus (or Whole Foods) A lot of times people will hold loop their housewarming celebration into a holiday party and this card is perfect for congratulating friends on their big life move!

33. Gerard Bertrand Cote de Roses Rose | $15.99 | ShopWineDirect.com My friend Judi was buying this for her mom when I ran into her one day at Kroger and It thought it was the coolest. The bottom of the bottle is shaped like a rose. Super elegant – especially for the price. 

34. Nest Fragrances Holiday Candle Trio Set | $60 | Blue Mercury I have a large version of the hearth candle and it’s the absolute best.

35. “Olivia Pope” Wine Glasses | $12.95 each | Crate and Barrel My little brother and his wife got these for me last Christmas and I love them. 

Bonus Extra! Another perfect gift is a gift card to Kendra Scott. They just opened their first Richmond location over the summer in Short Pump Town Center. One of my favorite things about the boutiqe is the color bar. You can choose your stone, metal and shape to create your own custom piece of jewelry. I love the idea of getting this a as a gift for a sister, mom or best friend and taking them to the color bar to create a matching ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings. they also just started making nail polishes that match the jewelry!

Color Bar personalization will relaunch on the site.