A Lesson in Perfume Economics

by christinamdick

I thought I’d share a little tip with you all. I couldn’t decide for a long time if I wanted to buy Coco Mademoiselle. I always noticed it on other people and loved it and tried it on in the store, but I have Miss Dior Cherie and I think they smell really similar. (Does anyone else think so?)

Then, my friend Dana turned me onto the purse spray. It’s perfect! I didn’t want to get a giant bottle, so this would be the perfect thing. Then, I looked into the price. It’s actually a better deal and more product than the traditional bottles. When buy the Twist and Spray ($95 at Nordstrom) you get two 0.7 oz. refill bottles in addition to the one already in the case. That’s $45.24 an oz., compared to the regular bottle which is $90 for 1.7 oz. ($52.94 an oz.) AND it’s less convenient. Now, I haven’t had to refill mine yet, so I don’t know how much of a pain that’s going to be; I’ll keep you updated.



Note: If you already know you love the perfume and you’re going to wear it for a long time, the 6.8 oz. bottle is still your best bet at $200 or $29.41 an ounce.

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