Who To Follow: Lisa Eldridge

by christinamdick

I learn so much and get inspiration from people I follow on social media. I’m going to begin sharing a few of those favorites with all of you, starting with Lisa Eldridge.

One of my favorite people to watch and follow is Lisa Eldridge. She’s a British makeup artist to the stars with an amazing talent in not only makeup artistry but also teaching and sharing her expertise.


I’ve learned so much about makeup and skincare from watching Lisa on YouTube – from choosing the perfect nude lipstick shade to how to give yourself a facial massage to the latest developments in Korean beauty. She’s a delight to listen to and it’s neat to see the guests she brings on. In her tutorials, she goes step by step and you can literally set the computer on your vanity and follow along as you copy her technique.My favorite videos are probably the ones where she talks through her favorite products. I have tried out several of her recommendations –Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter and Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant, to name a few – and never been disappointed.

 In 2015, Lisa became Lancome’s Creative Director of Makeup. (She created the La Rose à poudrer that I mentioned here.) and she recently launched a book called Facepaint about the history of makeup.

Her Instagram is full beauty products, her work, vintage beauty icons, her celebrity friends and her cats – Bertie and Teddy.

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Are you a fan of Lisa too? I’d love to hear who you like to follow.

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