Lingerie Favorites

by christinamdick

I discovered a cute little lingerie store in Carytown, Fiamor, when shopping for a bridal shower gift. They have the prettiest sets and several lines I’d never heard of before. When I checked some of them out online, I came across Journelle and Blush, two sites with tons of options. Journelle has several brands ranging from super high end to affordable. When I ordered the purple set below at Christmastime, I joked that I had bought a present for my self because the packaging it came in was so beautiful. The Blush brand is carried in a lot of stores, including Fiamor and Nordstrom, but you can catch a lot of good sales if you shop from their website directly. Here are a few of my favorites Fiamor, Blush and Journelle:



1. Montelle Lace Coquette Demi Bra | Matching Underwear

2. Montelle Keyhole Balconnet Bra | Matching Underwear

3. Blush English Rose | Matching Underwear

Sheer Desire Demi Bra (black one from the first photo)

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