Style Weekly Black Book Of Style Photo Shoot With Chic Stripes.

by christinamdick

Last weekend was amazing, thanks to a bunch of awesome folks working on the Style Weekly Black Book of Style. Dana Elmquist, their Publishing and New Media Director, reached out and asked if I’d help them out by trying on the clothes for photos. YAAASS. I didn’t know much more about it, but soon learned we’d be working with Sydney from Chic Stripes. (yay!) Scott, Dana’s husband, took all of the photos for the shoot.  He’s GREAT.  I also recruited my friend Patrick to show off the mens’ clothes.

I posted a lot of these pictures already on my Instagram, but I thought you might like to hear a little more about the shoot and see links to the pieces in the photos. Here’s how it went:

We started the day our at La Bella Hair Studio for hair and makeup with Susannah. She did an awesome job and was so fun to talk to.


Patrick even got a free brow wax. Bonus!


We met Sydney Page Lester and Dana and Scott Elmquist at the Glave Gallery for our first set of shots. Dana and Sydney unloaded the goods, while I got a latte. Diva model life. Just kidding, I totally helped. (I did get a latte though. It was early!)


The look was “athleisure,” which I was super excited about about. I love these Vince mules. I’d seen them on Nordstrom’s site a bunch and contemplated using some saved up Banana points to get them from Piperlime, so I was definitely glad to try them on in real life.


The shoes had fancy white soles, so Sydney had to tape the bottoms to make sure they didn’t get messed up and we stood on napkins to protect them even more. Glamor.


The top and bottoms were both from a local consignment shop, Ashby, so I don’t have links to the exact pieces. I have the Express Barcelona Tank in white and it’s a great basic piece. A lot of the colors are reversible, too. They do have a pencil skirt in a similar print.  The pants are Athleta brand.

I loved having fake lashes!


I got to wear an awesome pair of Dana’s own shoes, too.

Next, we went to LaDiff, which is where I got to try on my favorite outfit of the day.

1512316_10102361367797056_6291390444690328623_n (1)

This skirt was SO COOL and this cropped top with a high waisted skirt look is my new favorite thing. Both are by Alice and Olivia.


Dana loved it too.


Our last stop was The Rogue Gentleman, where we shot some cocktail looks. This striped crop top and pop art midi skirt are both by Milly from Saks.



I don’t remember who the shoes were by, but I had to post this picture because it was hilarious to me that Dana and Sydney had to help me take them on and off so they wouldn’t get ruined on the floor. 11049209_1588346138044691_2009328571_n

This beaded bustier and Floral Jacquard midi skirt are both by Phoebe, also from Saks. 11018531_1553793924906217_1919850202_n

Dana posted a sneak peek; I’m so excited!


Thank you SO SO SO much to Dana and Scott, Sydney, and Susannah!

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