Meet Minima

by christinamdick

Kristen Ziegler is the owner of Minima, a home/office organization company.  She’s been featured in Richmond Home magazine several times and consistently wins in the Best Of issues. She’s worked with Ledbury, Need Supply Co and Quirk; I’ve seen her speak and she’s even helped me organize my crazy closet. I wanted to find out how she applies her famous minimalistic philosophy to beauty and fashion.

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Tiramisu For Breakfast: How do you apply your organized/minimalistic approach to your beauty routine?

Minima: I keep it as quick and simple as possible. Everyday I apply the same products, with the exception of special occasions when I might add a red lip or dark brown eyeliner.

TFB: What’s in your makeup bag?

M: FullSizeRender (11)

1. Physician’s Formula translucent mineral powder

2. Maybelline coverstick concealer (I’ve used this brand since I was a teenager)

3. Burt’s Bees chapstick

4. CoverGirl ExactEyelights

5. MUJI powder brush, eyebrow brush and tweezers

6. Sonia Kashuk concealer brush

TFB: How have you paired it down over the years? Did you used to have a complicated routine or a lot of things?

M: I wouldn’t say my routine has ever been complicated, but I have definitely pared it down over the years. As I get older, I’m more comfortable in my skin and tend to wear less and less make-up as time goes on. I focus on keeping my skin clear so that I don’t have to.

TFB: Why do you practice minimalism?

M: I can’t imagine not living the way I live. As busy as I am, I still have time for decompression and reflection. I also love feeling “on top of things.” It helps keep stress to a minimum and time to a maximum. My home is my sanctuary, so I love being there to recharge after a long day.

TFB: How do you apply minimalism to your wardrobe?

M: I only buy pieces that I love, that fit perfectly off the rack, and that are useful to my lifestyle. They also need to be of high quality. Those qualifiers almost always guarantee that a piece will get a lot of use. I realized a year or so ago that I didn’t enjoy wearing color, so I’ve also switched over to a visually minimal wardrobe with only neutrals.

TFB: Does it make it easier to get dressed in the morning?

M: Definitely! I feel good in every piece I own, so no matter what I pick it’s a win.

TFB: What’s one tip you like to give your clients about beauty/fashion minimalism.

M: I usually share my three qualifiers: love it, perfect fit, useful to your lifestyle. Those pieces ARE out there regardless of your body type, so why settle for less?

What do you think? Are you a minimalist when it comes to beauty and fashion or do you love to collect?

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